An awl's tip always comes first.

An awl's handle can never come before the tip. There is order and manner in everything. One should first go through learning small and easy things step by step to be able to achieve something bigger. Water flows down from high to low places. Likewise, the principle of an awl's tip coming before the handle never changes.

If you want to be treated well, do things to deserve it.

A lot of people today ignore this obvious logic and yet, try to trick their lives into thinking that they could still become truly prosperous! There should not be, and I believe there is not, a single person like this at Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical.

Work as if you're the business owner.

It goes without saying that most businesses nowadays are not owned personally. If you work with the mindset that you're the business owner yourself, you will manage to overcome any obstacle.

New things are the best things, but old friends are the best friends.

Old People' here refers to people you have known and deeply, as well as constantly having maintained a genuine relationship. These kinds of people stay with you to help during all times of crisis and struggle.

Treat your subordinates like your own younger brother/sister.

One who ignores his/her family, work and society, and does not know how to treat his/her subordinates like their siblings is a person without virtue.

After scolding, always make good with the person.

When you scold someone for a small misdoing, and don’t reconcile with the person, nothing good will come out of it. After you scold a person, always make good with the person with the utmost sincerity.

Beliefs, Thoughts, and Effort are not separate things.

If you have a belief, you should think deeply about it and give your best effort to making it materialize. If you are missing one of these three factors, you will not be complete.

Form earnest relationships with people.

People whom you treat lightly in your everyday life will not be able to help you at times when you encounter difficulty. Human affection grows deeper with years of being together.

A person who ignores reality should live on an island.

There is a saying that even saints are a part of reality and society. A person that only strives to achieve their dreams without taking account of reality is simply chasing a rainbow that has already disappeared.

Broaden your Territory of Work.

There are various terms regarding small minded people and broad minded people. People with a broad mindset always think big. However, it does not mean that we should ignore the little details. Broad minded people should think about the details and work step by step. Like the saying, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, to achieve a truly broad perspective one should work step by step.

No matter how busy you are, do things right.

There is a saying 'When time presses, respond the same way'. This means things don’t always tend to work out when you succumb to urgency and hasten your task. Of course, it is much better to hasten it than to just step back and resign yourself to fate. However, things should always be done properly, no matter how much urgent it is. Feeling pressured by time should never become an excuse for being sloppy and allowing things to slip away that ought to be properly dealt with.

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.

As an objectification of the truth that everything should be consistent, this axiom symbolizes unity and the importance of being diligent, such as listening carefully to your superiors, in order to diligently complete your work. Just as the Korean proverb 'Even robbery should be done working hand in glove,' this saying signifies that one should be able to perform things flawlessly, with every part of it fitting perfectly with one another.

Our calling is not limited to producing pharmaceuticals. We need to always keep in mind that we need to have our pharmaceuticals in the reach of people that need it the most.

Like the saying ‘Nothing is complete until it is perfected", it serves as the fundamental mindset of Chong Kun Dang’s business ethics.

When looking at things, consider both its best and worst possible outcomes.

There are best and worst situations in every circumstance. One who does not consider the best and worst possible outcomes is apt to interpret things to his/her advantage and end up with nothing.

Do not just sit there and make fruitless efforts.

Even the pettiest of pettiest things should be verified. There is nothing more dangerous than thinking 'The executives will do the work,' and 'I only need to look after those subordinates who are competent.'

Seniors should set an example for their juniors.

There is a saying 'a servant is as honest as his master.' The seniors cannot be efficient by just sitting there and delegating orders to their subordinates.

They should always research and study. They say that if you don't know what it takes, you will never get there." Likewise, it is the same now as it was in the old days that a superior can't be a superior without knowledge.